‘Above Suspicion’ Review in UK GUardian

There’s a review of Above Suspicion, the movie, in The Guardian, which is the only UK newspaper I take seriously. The Guardian has a strong online presence in the U.S.

The review is mixed, but strongly favorable to Emilia Clarke, who “carries the picture.” I’ve been saying that about the movie all along. It also says, “the stranger-than-fiction weirdness and emotional dysfunction are what’s interesting. …” Those elements were difficult to fully convey in a screenplay of a film that’s just under two hours long. But they are fully conveyed in my book, which (incidentally) is not mentioned in the review as the source for the movie. Newspapers!

It also says that “Above Suspicion” is available on digital platforms from 13 July.” I think that means it will be available for streaming in the UK, but there is no indication that it also also be available in the U.S., where I am told a theatrical release is now set for next February, with Roadside Attractions as distributor. The release set for last March was scuttled by the shutdown of movie theaters in the coronavirus catastrophe.

Anyone following the saga of this movie here will already know how convuluted it has been over the last 18 months or so, with what seemed to be pop-up releases in theaters in the Middle East and streaming in Turkey, Spain and elsewhere.

As I said before, I could write a separate book, “Beyond Belief: The Making of ‘Above Suspicion.’ “



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