Finally, A U.S. Release Date for the Movie and Lionsgate both announced today that “Above Suspicion” will be released in U.S. theaters and on DVD next month.

Here’s the exclusive on Collider:

And here’s the new trailer, which will be showing in theaters next month as the movie exhibition industry comes back to life.


  1. Watched it already-was not impressed. Very much geared toward the unwarranted stereotype of Pike County Ky and Eastern Ky in general… not a true representation of the area. At all.

    1. Struck me as a fairly good representation of the non-fiction book, which itself was an accurate depiction of Pikeville/Freeburn in 1989 and of the real Susan Smith and other characters in the actual story as it happened. In the book I was pretty careful to honestly address the stereotypes and provide context, including in the historical exploitation of this area by rapacious outside interests. The book is entirely factual. And it’s my opinion that Phillip Noyce and Emilia Clarke had similar sensitivities to mine in going into the movie. Emilia was extraordinarily diligent in doing her research and trying to give dignity and depth to her portrayal of Susan Smith. During the shoot, I told Emilia that I thought she brought that girl back to life. — Joe Sharkey

      1. That said, I’d point out that “Above Suspicion” is by definition about a murder, and that several of its major characters are in the criminal world, while others are in law enforcement. It isn’t meant to be a paean to the undisputed beauty of eastern Kentucky, or a travelogue. It’s a true story that occurred at a specific place and time.

  2. I read this earlier and thought I’d visit your site. So glad it’s finally releasing. Looking forward to it!

  3. As a native of Kentucky, originally from Harlan, I am well familiar with both the stereotypes and the realities of the region and I think what was portrayed was quite accurate. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and the movie and I have nothing but praise for the author and for all involved in filming.

  4. Rented the movie yesterday & just wanted to say how good it was done. Was odd at first seeing my little hometown of Harlan on the big screen but loved it. Such a sad story. Great job by everyone involved with the movie though!

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