‘Above Suspicion’ to Netflix

“Above Suspicion,” which the producers botched badly in theatrical release, will be featured on Netflix starting May 1. It’s already on Amazon Prime, where it was among the 10 most-watched movies during several weeks in the last year. It will continue to be available on Amazon Prime and other streaming channels.

Partly because of the botched release, the movie showed up in UK cinemas before it hit theaters in the U.S., with one result that both Variety and the Hollywood Reporter published reviews written by UK-based stringers who did not understand the movie, its setting or the performance by Emilia Clarke as a desperate woman in a desperate place. One clueless reviewer even complained that Emilia’s accent didn’t sound southern enough, as if she was supposed to sound like Scarlet O’Hara. In fact, Emilia Clarke nailed the eastern Kentucky-West Virginia mountain, which was a pretty good feat for a British girl.

Now that the movie has settled into a better place, it’s being appreciated better, as in this review by Danessa Naj’e Lopez on Hollywood Insider.

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  1. Good to see this movie finally appear on Netflix, both as a very interesting true story and a nice personal memory.  As an extra in the movie, I played the off-going FBI agent as Jack Huston arrived to assume his new post.  Chris Mulkey and I walked down the courthouse steps to meet him – about a dozen times as the scene was filmed again and again.  This was special to me in part because of the pleasure of working with these professionals and in part because the filming was done in Harlan, KY, which is my original home.  The ghosts of my parents joined us on set, a nice reunion.  For whatever reason, most of my part was cut for the final release, but I can still be seen briefly.  Thanks  very much to Joe Sharkey for keeping all of us informed. 

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