1. Dear Mr. Sharkey,

    I just finished Deadly Greed. It was well written. You did an amazing amount off research and I enjoyed the way you developed each personality and their connection to the case.

    I was in school in Boston during the whole Stuart murder scandal. It mesmerized the state. I thought I knew everything about it, listening to the news and reading the Globe / Herald. There was so much included in your book that filled in many of the gaps.

    Two things got my curiosity after reading Deadly Greed.

    I was curious as to how come the Kakas’ never realized that their pistol (the same caliber that was used to murder Carol) was never found missing in the four month investigation.

    Second, Chuck Stuart’s injury was so serious that he was ruled out as a suspect. Your book cites a ‘jerk’ by Carol as he was about to injury himself in a less harmful way caused this serious injury. I wondered how that information came to your attention.

    This is probably ancient history for you at this point.

    Great job on Deadly Greed and I look forward to other Joe Sharkey’s non -fiction.

    Thanks… Steve Sallah (sallah5184@yahoo.com)

  2. Dear Mr. Sharkey,

    Please delete my recent comment about your book Above Suspicion and forgive me writing it in the first place. I got full of myself as I often do talking crime and I pontificated rudely, and on your website for heaven’s sake! The book was excellent reading and well-written which is why I was browsing around in the first place.

    Debi Congram
    Carefree AZ

  3. Dear sir,
    I. Just finished the story of my family. Well distant but family. See I’m a mccoy. My mom side are mccoy. I will watch the movie. Susan Smith. Thanks for writing this . We as a McCoy are thought of as backwoods whatever u feel it in. Thanks. For this point of view.

  4. Hi Mr, Sharkey,
    When will the movie “Above Suspicion” be released? Where can it be seen?
    Thank you,

  5. Hi Mr. Joe Sharkey,
    Your writing is quite something! I just finished Death Sentence and was fascinated by the way you wove that story, the research involved, and the captivating flow of your sentences. I am a True Crime and Non-Fiction reader and the paucity of good writing in this genre annoys me to no end. The case of John List is one that can give anyone pause, but your book actually gave me the literal creeps! And I am very picky! So, just wanted to thank you for a great read, and I am about to move on to your next book.

    Your Newest Fan

  6. Hey Joe I wanted to let you know that Death Sentence is the most entertaining book I’ve ever listened to on audible and the narrator was great too. Thank you for the book.

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